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Subsystems: IMAs -Integrated Microwave Ass. Freq. Sources/Exciters, Ultra low Phase Noise Sources, Synthesizers, Receivers, Up/Down Converters, Switch Filters / Matrices,

TFS - Precise Time & Frequency Systems

Component Group: Ferrites Dev. - Isolators, Circulators, Iso-Filters / Detectors / Limiters

RF Absorber: Carbon & MagRam. Foam, Honeycomb, Sheet, Pyramidal. Ferrite Tile. High Power Designs. Specialized Outdoor Products.

Dielectric Materials for Antennas and RCS Reduction.
Santa Clara, CA

Electro-Mech. RF/Microwave Coax Switches 1P2T, 1PMT, Transfer & custom Matrixes.

Freq: up-to 40GHz // Life: up to 10M cycles Hi-Pwr: 500W(cw). custom Hot-switching. Low-PIM. M-series- for rugged environments
Overland Park, KS

Filters: Lumped Element; Crystal, Dielectric/ Ceramic Resonator, Cavity; Thin Fiim; Printed Filters; Integrated Assy; Switched Filter Banks, Phase Shifters, Filter/Amplifiers;

Multiplexers & Diplexers; Crystal Oscillators: TCXOs, VCTCXOs.

Applications: Mil-Aero, Space, commercial.
Littleton, MA

RF/Microwave Rotary Joints and Rotating sub-systems for Radar, Air Traffic Control & SATCOM.

High performance Single & Multi-channel RJs for shipboard, land-based, airborne, missile & Space Rotary solutions include Fiber Optic RJs, Slip Rings, Encoders & Fluids.

Rotary Joints Refurbishment for Diamond RJs & other manufacturers.


Wallingford, CT

Hi-performance ultra-Low Loss Coax Cables up-to 110GHz, Hi-Pwr. flex & semi-rigid. Multi-Port connectors. 0dB cables w/ LNAs, Filters & other Integrated assemblies.

MilTech: High performance vapor sealed assemblies with replaceable connectors.
PhaseTrack: Phase Stable, flex & semi-rigid.
SiO2: Extreme Temp cables (-273C to 1000C), Phase Stable, High Radiation.
MaxGain: Ultra-low loss flexible cables.
InstaBend: Flexible cable for tight spaces

Clarity™ Precision test cables (110GHz), SilverLine test cables, Low-PIM adapters.

LMR cables / connectors / accessories LLPX,TCA -- Times Commercial Aviation cables. Lightning, Surge, EMI/EMP protection
Hampton, NH

Compression mount connectors and sockets with coaxial and multi-coax cable assemblies up to 90GHz.

Solderless with dense footprint patented contacts support signal integrity and RF board interconnects with enhanced reliability for FPGA sockets, probe interfaces, and mezzanine card connectors
Newburyport, MA

Lab Brick RF Microwave Test Equipment: upto 40GHz, Digital, Programmable, USB powered, Wireless; Digital Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Sig. Gen., RF Switches, Pwr Dividers, USB Hubs

Custom Solutions: Handover Attenuator Matrix Test Systems, Frequency Synthesizers, ATE for wireless communication: LTE, 5G, WiFi, Satcom
Ann Arbor, MI

Inmet_Division: Powerfilm™ components (former KDI), Temp. Variable Chip Attenuators – 18GHz. Coaxial Adapters, Bias Tees, DC Blocks, Detectors, Gain Equalizers, Terminations, Power Dividers.
Suwanee, GA

Measurement Instruments & Systems for Antenna & RCS Testing: Receivers, Sources, Controllers, Positioners, Pylons, NearField Scanners, Compact Range Reflectors

Range & Instrumentation Design Services.






Microelectronics Products and Services
Redondo Beach, CA

100mm Wafer GaN HEMT GaAs HEMT InP HEMT; InP HBT; DAHI; Multilayer Wafer Packaging         Services: Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE);

DoD “Trusted” Foundry, Process Design Kits (PDK);     On-wafer RF testing beyond 110GHz; MMIC Development. 

Devices: Power Amps, LNAs, Mixers, Switches, Multipliers
Thousand Oaks, CA

Antennas for: Airborne, Space & Ground
SATCOM Ku, Ka-band. High-Gain Phased Array DataLinks & Ku-band. Man-pack antennas Multi-band Directional.

C2 & Data Terminals, Missile & Munitions antennas
Tracking & Direction Finding systems Pedestals El/Az & Rotator & Controllers
San Jose, CA

Naprotek: Electronics solutions provider for high-reliability applications, providing complex and custom solutions in the Defense, Space, Medical, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, Test & Instrumentation and Advanced Technology. Capabilities include quick-turn printed circuit board assembly, prototyping, RF components, advanced microelectronics, system integration, and test in addition to supply chain services
Londonderry, NH

RF/Microwave assembly and test. 50GHz Microwave diodes: Schottky, PIN. MNOS Capacitors, Attenuation chips, Spiral Inductors. Bonding Supplies:Au wire/ribbon, Epoxies, preforms and bonding tools, Ion Beam Milling Thin Film Circuits
Garden Grove, CA

Antenna Test Chamber Design&Construction Compliance and Anechoic. Chamber repair upgrades, refurbishment. Relocation Services Absorber Installation. Door maintenance.